BCHG x FYSIQ - Company deal for employees

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Physiotherapy, fitness and other health services are all embraced within the name FYSIQ. This happened with the intention of integrating the best from the physiotherapy, with the newest knowledge and trends in fitness and healthy living.


As an BCHG employee, you are now able to treat yourself with a massage in FYSIQ. If you are feeling sore in your back, neck or shoulders, or if you just feel like getting a relaxing massage, take advantage of FYSIQ’s massage offers. Massage soothes everything from grumpiness in the morning, to soreness from training. In FYSIQ, the massage is always done by a well educated staff. Upon arrival at your appointment, you can decide which of the following treatments you would like to have:

Wellness massage

Wellness-massage is a comfortable massage, where the entire body is worked through gentle grips and strokes. Relaxation is the main focus, which enables the body to chill out and re-energize. Wellness-massage has a de-stressing effect, and helps to bringing your soul at ease.

Sport massage

Sports-massage in FYSIQ is an in depth massage treatment, which can eradicate the feeling of sore, tensed and stressed muscles. The massage will enhance the feeling of wellbeing. This massage is perfect if you have trained hard, and need to loosen up.

Introductory offer: 1 session og 25 min. Kr. 200,-

After that: 4 sessions of 25 min. Kr. 950,-

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In FYSIQ we strive to create an environment where you feel safe, with a homely atmosphere where you talk and care about one another. We are not exclusive to youngsters nor the elderly. We want to serve everyone, no matter gender, ethnicity or bodytype, you are always welcome at FYSIQ.

Our wide supply of fitness classes ranges from strength, stability, biking, dance, yoga and pilates. We are certain that something is going to fit you needs.

It is also possible to train individually. We make a virtue of guiding you thoroughly, which is why we specifically design program for everyone during signup. The program is based on your current physical condition, your goals and the amount of time available. After that you can safely embark on your training. You are, furthermore, more than welcome to seek advice from our health professionals who are available at every center.

Introductory offer: Two months og FREE training if you sign up for a monthly membership

After that: Corporate membership: Kr. 329,-/month

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