Sara Louise Indseth

Fysioterapeut i FYSIQ Nørreport

About me:
I was born and raised in the UK and have been working as a physiotherapist there since 2005 with the last 8 years based in London. I started my career working at an NHS hospital gaining experience in a variety of areas and specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy 10 years ago. From my work in the private sector in London I have had a lot of experience in treating and managing postural pain, sports injuries and pregnancy related conditions. In this time, I completed a series of courses which taught me different treatment and assessment techniques as well as how to manage more complex conditions and look at the body more holistically. I have furthered my education by studying visceral manipulation a fascial release technique for treating restrictions of the deep connecting tissues around the body’s organs and skeleton. I have always had an interest in sports and exercise which developed from my own love of it from a young age. I have furthered my knowledge on this through experience treating patients, many short courses or training sessions with peers as well as podcasts and reading. I have played netball most of my life, was a keen cyclist in London as well as doing strength training which led me to take part in a fitness competition 2 years ago. Working in Canary Wharf in London a very busy and demanding business area I have successfully rehabilitated many sports people from occasional runners to amateur power lifters and triathletes. I have always had an interest in pre and post partum care and with my skill for treating the deep pelvic tissues I felt I had a unique skill set and wanted to develop this further. I have gone on to do a course on musculoskeletal pain in pregnancy and an introduction to pelvic pain covering pelvic floor treatment and managing incontinence/pelvic organ prolapse. In addition, I have studied the science behind pain which has further helped my understanding for managing chronic pain including how other life style factors can play a role i.e. sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise as well as patient cultural and experiential beliefs.
Physiotherapy Bachelor Degree with Honours from The University of Hertfordshire
Integrative Manual Therapy Courses 1-4. Visceral Manipulation 1-5. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Cognitive Functional Therapy. Explain Pain. Functional Shoulder Rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal Pain in Pregnancy. Pelvic Floor & Women’s Health Course.